Zmiana języka na Polski

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have been running an accounting services enterprise since May 2002. Owing to my experience from years of studying and work I know that conducting a business requires substantial effort and dedication. Therefore, meeting your expectations, I offer services capable of facilitating the functioning of your company. In business every minute is precious. Our clients often mentioned that the accounting formalities take up their time, which they could otherwise devote to developing their firm. This is where my mission begins, because for IMPACT co-operation with a client means, above all, involvement in the client’s enterprise and respect for the client’s precious time.

My accounting office is private, which unlike larger companies, allows me to treat every client on an individual basis and to learn the client’s needs better. I value direct contact which allows me to know how the enterprise is functioning. These are important matters, facilitating co-operation in the future and result in mutual benefits. When choosing my services you can be certain that your commission will be fulfilled in the shortest time possible. I am constantly raising my qualifications by taking part in courses organized by The Accountants Association in Poland. This continuous investment in my self-development allows me to work with enterprises from various fields. The versatility of IMPACT’s services guarantees high quality service and the possibility to save time for further development of your enterprise.

If you are interested in co-operating with IMPACT I encourage you to learn more about our services in the offer section.

Yours faithfully,

Joanna Niedzielska